55K Fifty Shades of FDE GAW

Happy Independence Day! I thought it’d be a great day celebrate our Freedom, thanks to every Warrior Past and Present for keeping us that way. Also to celebrate our Second Amendment rights and say thanks for all the support! The Fifty Shades of FDE 55K GAW is here! It starts today, July 4th and ends…

Invisio Hearing Protection Demo & Range Time

FYI: got this from a friend, Invisio Hearing Protection Demo & Range Time Open to all LE/First Responders/Range Staff Monday July 9, 9-11 am Hosted by: Brothers & Arms 11800 Sterling Ave Suite G Riverside, Ca 92503 RSVP info@brothersandarmsusa.com or via text 949-289-5301

Lone Wolf Distributors

Need Glock parts and accessories? Go to Lone Wolf Distributors via the link below to help support this page! http://bit.ly/2lFdZwn Like the other affiliate programs, I will get a percentage of your purchase. Thank you for the support!

Review: Craft Holsters

It has been awhile since I’ve run a leather holster. My current lifestyle has me going with kydex solutions for my holsters. Everyone has their preference in gear and I know that for many people out there kydex isn’t their cup of tea and leather is still a relevant option. When Luke at Craft Holsters…